This page is a space where thought it would be nice to share some of the music I have enjoyed learning from over the years. I have included fully transcribed songs in PDF format, along with the accompanying midi file so you can hear what the notation sounds-like, as an aid to reading the music.

I can't stress this enough, reading should not be a chore. It is something to chip away at, find your own way to learn it, do it as often as you can to increase familiarity with the rhythm groupings, these start to look familiar after a while and make the process go by all that bit quicker. For me transcribing gets the skills learnt, with the added bonus of really dissecting someone else's playing, and then learning what you have finished notating. The process may take a week or longer, even months depending on difficulty, but the thing to remember is it is focused practice, with an end result and much to be gained.

    Pino Palladino

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