Successful roadtrip to Poland with Sean Webster Band

Its funny how we can have preconceived ideas of places, only to be shattered to bits when faced with the reality. I recently got back from Poland on a short tour with Sean and the boys, and all the way there I was expecting to see an impoverished country where the poor get poorer and the rich get richer, but never the two shall meet kind of thing. Imagining I would find endless post war concrete habitats rundown or at worst abandoned, full of hard and unfriendly people that drive Ladas. Now i'm not basing this on nothing, I have been to the Eastern block once before, thus expected similar. 

What I actually found couldn't have been further from the truth, the place had a good amount of quality about it, not too dissimilar from England if i'm honest. Poznan was a beautiful modern and vibrant city with cafe / bars and restaurants full of well dressed men and women, who were might I add very welcoming and pleasant people. At all the shows we wanted for nothing, cooked meals, drinks aplenty and lodgings to boot. 

We played at The Blue Note, which resides in a Castle in Poznan, a beautiful restaurant / bar in Gnienzo (UKF Restaurant), topping the weekend off with a headline slot at Gdynia Blues Festival infront of 3,500 people. 

I made new friends, bonded with the band some more (20hrs in a van will do that to you!), and came back with a better mindset about not being judgemental about something you have not experienced, be open minded when travelling as there is much to be learnt.

Thank you Poland!

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