Recording with Sean Webster this week........

After a short break since the last gig with the boys, Sean has returned to the UK to begin recording his new album. Theres a certain chemistry you get with the right people in a band, and getting the opportunity to record that chemistry is something to be treasured. Having sent over a bunch of rough acoustic demos to work from, the band had a week to track as many completed songs as possible, prior to Sean's departure back to Holland.  

Having recently geared all my current live basses around this project, and found them to be fantastic weapons on stage, I had yet to test them in recording environment. Recording is something I really cherish, I treat it like a scrap book of the "musical me", a journey captured in sound and imagery, letting people hear your true musical statement through composition. As 'tree-hugging' as that might seem or not, its a nice way to look at things none the less. As with Infamous Vampires records I used my TC Electronic classic 450 head as interface, using their superb, ultra quiet JENSEN DI into Logic Pro 9 via a Focusrite Octopre.

I love the sound of this head through the monitor speakers, there is a punchy "valve-like" richness to it, dialling in a tone that works in the mix is a "snap". The first track to work on has been lovingly given the "working title" of "Smash_John_ Mayer_Town". Laid back and groove was the order of the day, and although I play 5 string bass live exclusively, the track was actually begging for old school 4 string Precision Bass with flat-wound strings. 

Now having recently watched videos & documentaries with Carol Kaye, Motown (Jamerson), and digging around Pino Palladino's sideman exploits, I found that a lot of the same thoughts prevailed and the common one was how well a flat-wound P-Bass sits in a recording mix so well. Decision made, one that stuck for two more of the recordings that day also. I truly believe this  old sound has its place in modern music, it's the "new old school". It works equally well in EDM as it does in Pop and RnB, you've only got to listen to recent albums by Raphael Saadiq, Janelle Monae, Paulo Nutini, Robert Glasper, NIN etc etc. They've all got influences / homages paid throughout their work, no doubt.

By the end of the week, I felt like we we're creating something that I was proud of. 4 of 9 tracks in the bag was good going, it was very hard to pick a favourite from them at this stage. With another week scheduled over the next month to finish up, i'm excited, inspired, and energised about this one. Think you'll like it.......

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