**New** Sean Webster Album "See It Through", Guitar & Bass Magazine & Gear Overhaul!

Well lots has happened since my last post, the new Sean Webster album "See It Through" has now been released, and available from his site, and on sale at all forthcoming shows this year. It's been quite a task to get this done, with tight deadlines right up to the last few days, but we did it! and it is an album I am proud to have been apart of for sure. We've been getting lots of positive reviews coming back thus far which you can read on Sean's Facebook page  , after the first week of release the IBBA had the album ranked 10th in the top 50 current albums being played on their radio stations, which i'm really pleased about.


Along with the press releases came a first for me, a mention of the band in Guitar & Bass magazine. Not the biggest, and not really giving much away, but still a step in the right direction haha!

Finally I made a few changes to my life in the last few months, after a reflective time over the holiday period I came to the conclusion the 2015 needed to move in a different way for me and thus steps were taken towards a new direction. Firstly my departure from Infamous Vampires came about, definitely the hardest decision i've had to make in a long time, particularly leaving the Wilson brothers who after more than a decade of playing together are more like family than anything else. Still we do get to play together still as "The Dead Lines" with Sean, so not all is lost. They are both phenomenal musicians and songwriters in their own right, and I don't think I could not play with them at all, it is a joy! 

Max is back from his travels in South East Asia, and with renewed energy. There is a bit more energy going into the Jazz band at the minute, and we are currently developing new music for this project, and looking to develop it's online presence and hopefully bookings...watch this space. 

For all those that follow my bass gear evolving over time, I have made a few changes also. The Ampeg cabs have gone, and have now been replaced with a brand new Glockenklang Rig. Still powered by my fantastic TC Electronics RH750 head, I have purchased both The DUO a 2x10 cabinet, and its larger sister cabinet The DOUBLE which is a 2x12 design. This is not saying that the Ampeg cabs were bad, they were great, but really bought for use with Infamous Vampires, at the time of buying them i'd already spent countless hours researching bass cabinets and the Glocks were initially my first choice. How do they sound? well after their first outing at The Maltings in Farnham, Surrey I wanted to cry! That room is like playing in a shipping container, hard and cavernous with no soft furnishings, the band never sounds good in there, and I sounded awful by my standards. Fortunately we were at Peterlee Catholic Club (a favourite of mine) two nights later. Needless to say a great sounding room, and the cabs sounded "SPECTACULAR". Its the tone i've always wanted, and a sceptical band were very soon relieved after a 10min soundcheck haha! hear them for yourself at a gig near you soon ;)

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