Good Love Is On The Way - Bass Cover

Well finally its all done, took a bit of learning, and probably drove my brother and his girlfriend mad during the process, but it was worth it! I've really enjoyed the experience much more than anticipated, and feel I have absorbed a few of pino-ism's along the way which is what i'd hoped for. Studying Pino has led me onto other bass players that have things that I want, Brandon Gilliard (Janelle Monae) is one guy I will be studying in the near future for sure, as well as some of the work by J Dilla as a platform for fill experimentation perhaps.

To anyone at all reading this that is an aspiring developing musician, I say this, DON'T disregard transcribing as part of your development, it can give more than you'd imagine. If you are worried about not developing "your sound", you already have your sound within you, it is comprised of elements of bass lines you have learnt by bass players that inspire you. It can not be replicated by another, it is unique to you. THIS is how you get "your sound". Take it from me transcribing is proving to be a faster way of making progress with this. Balance this out with good scale & arpeggio knowledge, some theory and you have a great practice routine.

What are you waiting for?

Here is the video of my final performance.

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