Back in the studio - (Sean Webster Album) Part 2

Making use of the time everyone has off over the summer from our day jobs, Sean returns for another week of recording, before our return trip to Holland and a string of away performances in the Netherlands. Having been playing bass so much recently, and in a variety of guises i'm really looking forward to see how my newly developed hands bring life to Seans recordings and live shows. A true test of whether or not the strength and stamina gains from playing all the Rock, and the continued focus of fretboard harmony visualisation from my personal practice has come on. I definitely feel a stronger sense of control and in both fingers and hands, for those that are interested i'll let you know how I get on. If I were to offer a little gem of advice, i'd have to say when trying to develop on an instrument, the following is essential, and should be challenged regularly:

1.  Hand and finger strength work (but musical, no gimmicks, good old scale and arpeggio work to single chord backing tracks & learning bass lines that are increasingly demanding)

2. Learning music you like, regardless of genre / style (in fact the wider the better)

3. Writing music with others for recording / performance

4. Performing Live

Although there are more ways (reading music for one), I think exploration of the above for a few years would yield great progress.

I've definitely enjoyed this summer from a playing perspective, probably the busiest i've been in a while, but with the time to think about what and why i'm doing something, making better decisions about how to advance my playing. The journey continues.

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