"Finding the right Bass is a journey. It must FIT your body, have the sounds you seek, weigh and balance comfortably.

 and if you're really lucky, have a bit of sex appeal."


Fender Precision BassES


I've got a lot of love for the Fender Precision Bass, my main performing bass is the Sonic Blue 1963 RI it's got so much MOJO even unplugged!! Strung with Labella FL760 Flats, nicely worn in and put through the rest of the rig never fails to put a smile on my face. My backup precision has had a bit more done to it so i'll detail it below for those who care about such things. It is a modded Fender 'Nate Mendal' Signature model. Fender have faithfully reproduced Nates original USA '71 Precision. Apparently in this particular year the necks are slimmer at the nut than other models, kind of in-between a Jazz and a regular Precision. This combined with the faithful 70's aged tint to the headstock and an ash body, constituted a great combination, with good visual appeal and more importantly a good base to do some tonal tweaking of my own. The neck on this bass is THE BEST precision neck for my hands I have ever tried for sure.

I stripped out all the electrics, pots, input jack and Seymour Duncan 1/4 Pound pickups. I want an authentic Precision sound from the 60's, so none of the aforementioned guts fit that tone profile. Pots were replaced with Fender Vintage CTS 250k audio taper varieties, with a 0.1uf tone capacitor, the jack socket swapped for a nice new switchcraft unit, new period braided wiring throughout, and finally dropped in a 1962 RI Fender Pickup. The tone was there for sure as soon as I re-strung the bass as before with a set of La Bella 760FL flats. Finally a Wilkinson vintage spec bridge replaced the Badass II (I actually feel it sustains better?) and a nice tortoiseshell pick guard to finish off the look. Quite simply I love it! it sounds old, it looks old and feels great to play! 


Glockenklang - steamhammer


Having played through a vast array of amplification over the last 2 decades, I have never quite been satisfied with the combinations of tone, weight, power, build quality & Eq options available. Often you can satisfy some of the elements but not all, and thus I have been on a journey for that "perfect rig". Granted this is all subjective, what is right for one man is perhaps not another mans cup of tea, but I really do think I've found my soulmate in this head. The Steamhammer differs slightly from Glockenklang's extremely "hifi" offerings, using a Class D power module has made the tone more forgiving and relaxed. That said, It really does have clarity that still outperforms the competition, every note is evenly weighted and present in the sound, it truly has to be played through to be believed. 

There is plenty of power on tap with the new ICE 700w power module at its heart, I have yet to run anywhere near out of headroom, and there is no faux compression at higher volumes that often occurs with other Class D heads. Eqing options are fantastic, especially the Bass cut/boost which cuts at 20hz and boosts at 60hz!! perfect for controlling the low end in difficult venues. My main love is for the mid controls of which there are two, low and high mid. This is common on other amps but the frequency points are fixed, and in my opinion rarely at points that you want. My sound focuses on the 250hz Low mid, which the Glock accommodates beautifully because both mid controls have 2 switchable options (low mid 150 or 240hz & Hi Mid 770hz or 1.5KHz), perfectly voiced for my needs. Granted these amps are not cheap, but the reason is that Glockenklang have not, and will not, ever compromise on their components in order to meet a certain profit margin..... and that came direct from my now good friend Helge Glockenklang, son of the company founder. When you hold it in your hands you can feel it, with each turn of a knob or press of a button you know this thing has had a lot of love put into the design, and thus is built to be an amp for life.